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AGRIFORTIS is developing a comprehensive service range to make site-specific farming the new paradigm in large farm management. We prepare our customers to accelerate the innovation process via data driven decision making using state-of-the-art web-based tools. Our services demonstrate the new capabilities of space technology if carefully coupled with agronomic models and process farm workflow knowledge. Large farm entities (farms, regional field operation providers, investors) are provided with an end-to-end service scheme covering not only information levels but moreover new spatial decision levels and site-specific action levels of farm managers and field operators. This will also give investors and owners a new level of progress determination and farm benchmarking.

Focusing on farm efficiency and sustainability and the adoption of our services will effectively result in higher farm profitability. Services will provide minimized resource application and/or rising yield levels simultaneously improving sustainability and environmental effects. Our web tools will also enable farm managers to minimize workload of farm people and its planning risks during the growing season.